Define Therapy as it Works for You

By | December 23, 2019

What is therapy?

Therapy is a form of mental health treatment where people speak to a professional about life challenges and manage mental health conditions. Therapy is also a place where you can talk to an impartial person about your problems. Not only is that human being objective, but they are also a trained mental health professional who can help you navigate through the complexities of life. But it goes beyond that, therapy is what you make of it. To define therapy for yourself you need to think about what it means to you. Ask yourself, why are you in treatment? Maybe you’re working on your relationship. Perhaps you’re dealing with some anger issues. You might be coping with low self-esteem. Perhaps you have a mental illness, and you’re in treatment to learn tools to manage your mental health condition. There are many ways to define therapy, but here are some that may resonate with you.

A place to feel safe

There are few places in this world where we feel safe. That’s why therapy is so unique. Some people have a difficult time opening up their feelings and emotions. Therapy is a safe space to discuss those things. You may not have anyone in your life that you feel like you can talk to and be real with in terms of your emotions. A therapist is non-judgmental and they’re a safe person to unload on. You can work through those emotions, however complex with your therapist. That person is there to support you as you work on understanding how you feel. Sometimes we don’t know what we feel until we talk it out. You might want to write some of your thoughts down on paper and bring it into the session. It’s okay to journal about your feelings and read those pages aloud to your therapist. Therapy is the ultimate safe space for us, and a place where we can be ourselves.

Therapy is a place to work on drawing boundaries

Drawing boundaries with others isn’t always easy. Some people struggle with sticking up for themselves. Therapy can be an extremely useful place to develop boundaries with people in your life. Maybe you have trouble saying no. Perhaps it’s hard for you to work up the courage to ask for what you want at work. Maybe you have a difficult time setting goals and achieving them because people take advantage of your kindness. Learning to set boundaries is an important part of life, and it can be worked on in therapy. That’s one way to define therapy is a place to set boundaries, say no, and value yourself.

Working on your relationships

One of the goals in life is to develop long-term healthy relationships. If you are working on yourself in therapy, your relationships will thrive, because you care about how you will come off to others. Therapy is a safe space to discuss relationship issues and learn how to navigate them. A therapist is an excellent person to bounce ideas off of and help you define what you want in relationships, and set goals to get those things. Maybe you’re hitting a roadblock in your intimate relationship, and you need to talk about it with your therapist. Before talking to your partner, you can analyze what you’re feeling, and get to the bottom of deep-seated emotions. After that, you will feel more prepared to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with your partner.

Finding the right therapist

Whether you’re working with someone online or in your local area, it’s important to find a therapist who is the right fit. The relationship between you and your therapist is crucial. Ask yourself, “do you feel safe? Can you talk to them, and are you working towards goals that matter to you?” Therapy means something different to each person. It’s essential to understand that you have a right to make therapy a meaningful experience for you.

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