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'Fussy eater' (17) left blind and deaf after diet of chips, sausages and crisps

A teenager has been left blind and partially deaf after living off a diet of chips, sausages and crisps. The British 17-year-old’s diet was so bad he suffered from a condition normally only seen in malnourished third-world children. Researchers from Bristol Eye Hospital have published a report into the boy’s case, which believed to be the first… Read More »

California nurses call off Dignity strike after winning concessions

Dive Brief: Nurses in Southern California hospitals in Oxnard, Northridge, and Camarillo reached a tentative agreement with employer Dignity Health on Friday to avoid a strike over staffing and safety issues. The agreement comes just in time to avert a 10-day strike planned to start Aug. 30. The union withdrew its strike notice, which it… Read More »

‘Silent’ strokes common after surgery, linked to cognitive decline

Canadian researchers have discovered that covert — or ‘silent’ — strokes are common in seniors after they have elective, non-cardiac surgery and double their risk of cognitive decline one year later. While an overt stroke causes obvious symptoms, such as weakness in one arm or speech problems that last more than a day, a covert… Read More »