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The Surprising Reason I Love Being an ER Doctor With Tattoos

Appropriateness of tattoos for physicians or other professionals is a heated debate. “Doctors are people too and have a right to express themselves.” “It’s unprofessional (big time statement of inquisition in academia), you might offend patients and hinder your ability to care for them.” I tend towards “all things in moderation,” but have noticed that… Read More »

The couple who say being diagnosed with Parkinson's in their 40s was ‘the best thing'

The couple who say being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in their 40s was ‘the best thing that ever happened to us’ because it made them fall in love Jason Batup, 47, from Hampshire, was first diagnosed with the disease in 2012 Devastated, his life got worse when then-wife asked him to leave family home However, he soon… Read More »