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The Benefits of Nostalgia

If unpleasant or obsessional, past memories can hurt — but nostalgia is good for you. The benefits of this internal psychological state are touted in various academic studies exploring the art and practice of what could be deemed as “pleasant reminiscing.“ According to experts, personal memories from long ago of family and friends can link… Read More »

Yoga’s Benefits for Osteoporosis

Yoga; you love it for its centering capabilities, stress reduction, and the mild workout. But did you also know that yoga can also be an effective treatment for osteoporosis? Research has shown that yoga can prevent, slow* — and in some cases even reverse — the process of bone loss. For that, yoga, we say,… Read More »

The Benefits of Using a Walking Desk

In recent years, scientific studies have demonstrated that leading a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous and even deadly. To deal with jobs that required long stretches of sitting, some employees have turned to a walking desk to get in a workout while at work. This article explains the benefits and drawbacks of investing in a walking… Read More »