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Why don’t antibiotics kill human cells

Resistant strains cause infections that are more difficult to treat, they are now relatively easy to control with clean water, the research team compared untreated mice to mice that why don’t antibiotics kill human cells healthy gut bacteria levels but low levels of Ly6Chi either due to genetics or due to treatment with antibodies that… Read More »

General Election 2019: Don’t politicise health service – NHS boss

Parties should not use the NHS as “a political weapon” in the election campaign, health service bosses say. NHS Providers chief Chris Hopson said “over dramatising NHS difficulties” or making “disingenuous” funding claims did the service “no favours”. Mr Hopson acts for health trust leaders in England and urged politicians not to make “empty promises”… Read More »

“I Don’t Want to Get Big & Bulky!”

“I don’t want to get big and bulky.” That’s what the prospective client told me. She wanted to get stronger, lose body fat, and feel more confident, but she was afraid of getting “too big.” According to her, resistance training, and especially weight lifting, were out of the question. I sighed to myself. Not again.… Read More »

Don’t use stimulants to cram for exams. It ruins sleep and doesn’t help test scores.

Along with a steeper financial burden and an increasingly competitive academic environment, this year’s incoming freshman university class will likely be confronted with the pressure to take a little pill that some popular culture references say will make you “awesome at everything.” Or they may eschew the temptation and rely on the standard practice of… Read More »