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Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Went Full ‘Lion King’ Glam for a Gala in LA Last Night

Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy went all out for a Lion King themed gala last night. Beyoncé also shared a video of Blue dancing and singing to a Lion King song, which was pretty frickin’ adorable. So far the internet has been…divided over the new live-action remake of the Lion King. Disney recently released photos… Read More »

Dillon Danis on ‘crazy’ MMA life — and that ‘fun’ brawl last fall

Mixed martial arts fighter Dillon Danis flies on private jets, has 784,000 Instagram followers and regularly posts photos of himself with Drake, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham. His Twitter bio is just one word: “icon.” “It’s kind of crazy,” the four-time jujitsu world champion tells The Post. “Being young and getting this popularity, free things… Read More »

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Wore Matching Camo Outfits to His Birthday Party Last Night

The Weeknd turned 29 today and celebrated with a bash in NYC on Friday night. Him and his gf Bella Hadid wore matching camo outfits to the party. Earlier this week The Weeknd surprised Bella with a super romantic Valentine’s day. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have been v cute recently, and if you haven’t… Read More »