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Death through the eyes of a medical student

Growing up, I was discouraged from becoming a doctor; I was too emotional. My mother, a geriatrician, worried about my attachment to patients and the volatility of inpatient medicine. To some degree, I understood her concerns; I’m tearful during goodbyes and inconsolable at funerals. Yet my interest in medicine persisted, and I began medical school.… Read More »

Nurses who carry out night shifts are in danger of going through early menopause

It’s unavoidable in many professions, but doing overnight shifts comes with its own unique set of potential health issues. These include interference to your natural sleep rhythms and changes to your metabolism. But for women in nursing – a job that often involves punishing hours – a new health risk has come to light. According… Read More »

How to Bust Through a Strength Plateau

Many women nowadays are focusing on getting stronger, and we are so excited about it! While we honor and respect anything that each person wants to do with their own body, we hold strength training close to our heart. While working towards strength can be really exciting, it can also be a bit frustrating at… Read More »