What Are the Causes and Risks of Opioid Dependence?

By | August 21, 2018

When experiencing normal aches and pains of everyday life, a person has different ways of relieving such as taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. However, with Help For Alcoholics Near Me Washington , physicians may prescribe medications like an opioid-based pain reliever. Prescription opioids are narcotics that produce pain relief and sedation. Opiate Recovery Center Washington contain chemicals that relax the body and alleviate the intensity of moderate to severe pain.

Because opioids can make a person feel intensely relaxed, it also produces feelings of euphoria or ‘high’. Thus, many people misuse prescription opioids because of its highly addictive nature. Local Addiction Rehab Washington that takes opioids must use it with extreme caution to prevent himself from opioid abuse and its serious side effects. Unfortunately, many people tend to disregard this warning and misuse prescriptions opioids making the population of people who abuse opioids a lot wider than the past years. Prescription opioids have been reported to be driving the opioid crisis.

There are also opioids that are not intended for medical purposes or prescriptions. Heroin is one of the most commonly abused opioids and one of the world’s most dangerous opioids that is typically never used as a medicine. Many people abuse this opiate drug because of its intense euphoric effects.

Aside from the opioids works in relieving pain and generating intense euphoria, opioids are abused due to a lot more specific ways. The inability to control the abuse has led many people to suffer from opioid dependence. And here are the details of the causes and risks of opioid dependence:

Genetic Influences. Individuals with a first-degree relative who suffered from opioid dependence are more likely to develop such condition compared to others without such family background.
Environmental influences. Individuals who live in a community that doesn’t discourage opioid abuse or who associate with friends that use opioids have also a higher probability of opioid dependence.
Opioid use as a coping mechanism. The inability to healthily and wisely handle stress and other extreme negative emotions might induce you to turn to opioid use. The resulting pleasure or sense of elation may impel you to continuously use opioids as the main means of coping.
Repeated pleasure rewards experienced in the brain. When someone using opioids experience a sense of happiness and pleasure, they yearn to experience these feelings again. To address this desire, they use opioids over and over again. These results in intense cravings, severe withdrawals, tolerance, and opioid dependence.

Without a proper professional treatment, it can be immensely difficult to overcome opioid dependence. Hence, people suffering from opioid dependence should seek professional help and engage in rehabilitation programs. These programs educate the patients how to efficiently deal with the triggers and risks of opioid dependence.
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