What is a Healthy Snack?

By | October 10, 2018

A snack rich in nutrition is called healthy, but it should be low in fat. Such snack includes fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, however it has saturated fat.

Below is a list of nutrition present in a healthy snack:

• Saturated fat as 2 grams.

• Trans fat as 0 grams.

• Sugar can be 15 grams or less than that.

• Sodium can be 250 grams or less.

• It should be without artificial sweeteners.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are really healthy, but people like nuts more though they are rich in calories and fat, but as nuts are full of healthy nutrients, hence you can take them in snacks. While buying a snack check its nutrients on the label, as if there is more fat, then it’s not healthy.

• A snack with 100 calories is considered healthy.

• Don’t eat a bag of chips; instead take an apple because it’s rich in fiber and water, but low in sugar as well as fat.

• Likewise, whole grain snacks are good.

• Take Fresh juice as its better than unhealthy drinks.

Some other healthy snacks include raisins, bananas, fruit puree, peas, carrots, dry cereals, grape juice, cherries, and pop corns.

Decide the snacks you want.

Don’t get unhealthy snacks at office or college, prepare and eat your own snack full of nutrition. Avoid candies, cookies, cakes, chips or regular drinks; however you can have them in a little quantity, but not on regular basis as it’s difficult to say good-bye to fast food forever.

People having diabetes should take planned meals with specific calories as well as carbohydrates. This type of snack should have calories from 100 to 200, whereas carbohydrates should be between 15 to 30 grams. People who want to have several snacks in a day should lower down these values so that they get divided in all snacks without increasing the calories. You should also add protein to your daily diet; however it should not be more than 1 ounce, as it will increase weight. In the past doctors recommended protein in every snack, however today’s research is opposite to it.

How to avoid unhealthy snacks?

You can do it easily by replacing a candy bowl with fruit salad.  Always place your kids’ cookies where you cannot easily see them so that you don’t end up munching them. Place healthy foods where you can easily find them, and often see them. Don’t prepare a large bowl of snack, but take small portion in a plate while watching TV so that you won’t eat in large quantity.

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