12 Normal Daily Habits That Secretly Mess Up Your Life

By | May 15, 2019

Stop: Trying to be witty online


You know that funny, sarcastic joke you cracked over email with your co-worker? Yeah, well, it came off snarky and rude and now she’s not talking to you. “While a little good-natured ribbing can sometimes help to lighten face-to-face interaction,” says Forbes.com, “online your message can too easily be misinterpreted without your body language to help to explain it, and you won’t be there to soften the blow when your joke doesn’t go over as intended.” Play it safe and keep your email straight. If you must display your inner Jimmy Kimmel, “make sure that you are the butt of the joke.” Here are some habits that make others think you’re a jerk.

Stop: Sweating the small stuff


Does this scenario from Real Simple strike a chord? During a presentation to colleagues, you blank on key points. Later, you’re embarrassed and close to tears. Remember this: “It’s never the stress-inducing event that you’re freaking out about,” Steven Berglas, PhD, a life coach in Los Angeles told the magazine. “It’s what you’re afraid might happen because of it,” such as being laughed at by co-workers or chided by a boss. Quell the angst with some deep breathing exercises, says Dr. Berglas, which will slow your heart rate and calm you down.

Stop: Going full speed all the time

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Rather than charging through life as if you’re a bull on a mission, take a minute to observe one of your lazy friends. The sluggish, Lifehack.org tells us, “don’t flit from one thing to the other. They take the time” to finish one task before going on to the next. “While some panic and don’t fully commit to the tasks, lazy people have fewer worries and calmly do their job.” Here are some unhealthy habits you have, and how to stop them.

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