Canada’s surprising history and questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine

By | July 4, 2020

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CanSino’s Canadian connections, meanwhile, did not end with the federal vaccine collaboration inked in May.

A week later, it announced a deal to help develop a COVID-19 vaccine created by Vancouver’s Precision Nanosystems. Based on totally different cutting-edge technology, it uses “messenger RNA” to trick the body into making coronavirus proteins, which in turn, theoretically, provoke an immune response.

Precision CEO James Taylor called CanSino “very reputable” and typical of smaller biotech companies that are the industry’s innovators, not multi-national pharmaceutical giants. CanSino sees the B.C. firm’s product as a way of diversifying its approach to COVID-19, said Taylor.

“If we want to vaccinate the world, that’s a big, big challenge and it’s going to take multiple shots on goal and multiple successes.”

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