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Emergency rules for Tasmanian travel

Tasmania has declared Sydney’s northern beaches area a high risk zone along with spots in three other suburbs, curtailing travel from those places as a NSW coronavirus cluster grows. The Northern Beaches Local Government Area has been declared high risk. The alert for the northern beaches applies to those who have been there on or… Read More »

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Reverses Signs of Aging

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be a practical method for slowing down the hands of time. At its foundation, aging represents a progressive loss of physiological capacity, researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel explained in the journal Aging.1 The biological deterioration leads to impaired functions and increased vulnerability to diseases,… Read More »

How Linoleic Acid Wrecks Your Health

In this interview, Tucker Goodrich and I discuss what will be the topic of my next book, namely linoleic acid (LA), which I believe is likely the leading contributing cause of virtually all chronic diseases we’ve encountered over the last century. Unfortunately, this is a topic that most clinicians and health care practitioners who focus… Read More »

The Alan Turing Institute harnesses global expertise with International Advisory Board for Trustworthy Digital Identity

9 December 2020, London… The Alan Turing Institute is pleased to announce its International Advisory Board for Trustworthy Digital Infrastructure for Identity Systems. This initiative brings together leaders in the global effort to advance recognition for identity as a human right with trailblazers in government that are driving new opportunities with digital identity, playing a… Read More »