Chef Sarah Todd: ‘Try something new every day’

By | December 19, 2020

Considering she’s made her name by successfully juggling roles as a celebrity chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, model and host of multiple TV series, it comes as little surprise that Sarah Todd has used her time in isolation this year to add yet another string to her impressive bow.

“I’m usually very busy and find it difficult to sit still for very long,” Todd tells Health Hacker.

“I love photography and delved into the technical aspects of it and, even if I say so myself, I became pretty good at it.

“It is a valuable skill with my work. I feel proud when I cook, style and photograph a dish myself.”

Most recently seen on TV cooking show The Perfect Serve, Todd has also found inventive new ways to keep thing fresh and inspired in the kitchen during lockdown.

“I cooked a lot more with my son Phoenix during isolation,” says Todd.

“We introduced a new rule at home that not only did we have to whip up meals together but we had to try something new every day.

“Phoenix came up with a rating system; if a meal or new ingredient rated seven or more out of 10, he would eat it again. I had to come up with innovative ways of keeping us both entertained during the long days and weeks indoors.”

In terms of staying mentally and physically fit, keeping up with Phoenix was a catalyst for Todd staying on her toes.

“To keep active, Phoenix and I opted for the beep test, which we set up in the driveway,” says Todd.

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“It was the perfect way to keep us both motivated. Fitness sessions were also included in Phoenix’s home-schooling curriculum so I got involved with his interactive dances. We made it part of our daily routine which helped keep us mentally strong as well.”



“Diet must be balanced. I do not eliminate foods from my everyday meals. Whether it is a craving or a cheat meal, I suggest we indulge in them occasionally,” she says/

“If we eliminate them completely, we will crave them even more. When I’m choosing dishes to prepare, I look for recipes which are truly flavoursome and include plenty of vegetables.

“Taste is important but it also must have nutritional value. We all go through our different phases with food, but the key is to understand what is comforting for us but not pushing it too far.”


“When I was younger, I spent more time at the gym but now I focus on fun activities like playing tennis or kicking a soccer ball around or doing drills with my son. You will exercise for longer if you enjoy it,” she says.

“I also love long walks as they clear my head. As I have grown older, I have discovered that finding things to do that you genuinely love is most important.”


“The greatest motivation for me comes from within. I am my biggest critic and in the past I almost pushed myself to breaking point. However, in the last few years I realised that if I do not slow down then it eventually takes its toll,” Todd says.

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“I never really gave myself time to reflect and take pride in what I had achieved because I was always working on a new project. Isolation has forced me to slow down and reflect.”


“Throughout our careers we consider happiness based on our success or certain relationships, but being happy means being content with who you really are and being comfortable in your own skin. For me happiness is a balance of work and having family, friends, and your loved ones around.”


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