How much does exercise help diabetes

By | June 21, 2020

how much does exercise help diabetes

Medication adjustments for PA are generally necessary only with use of insulin and other insulin secretagogues , All individuals should closely examine their feet on a daily basis to prevent and detect sores or ulcers early and follow recommendations for use of proper footwear. An important predictor of increased PA was the use of a goal, such as to take 10, steps per day Acknowledgments The authors have no financial support or professional conflicts of interest to disclose related to the article’s content. PA causes increased glucose uptake into active muscles balanced by hepatic glucose production, with a greater reliance on carbohydrate to fuel muscular activity as intensity increases.

It helps control blood sugar levels, increases energy levels, improves heart health, and promotes emotional well-being. Barring other medical complications, the majority of people with diabetes can and should exercise for diabetes control and for better overall health and well-being. Not only does exercise lower blood sugar levels in the short term, but exercising over time also contributes to lower A1C levels over time. Leading a sedentary or inactive lifestyle is one of the major risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, and the high incidence of obesity and overweight among people with type 2 is also highly correlated with inactivity. Along with medical nutrition therapy, exercise is one of the first lines of defense in type 2 diabetes control. In addition, exercise is a key tool in preventing one of the leading complications of type 2 diabetes— cardiovascular disease.

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