How to Create Your Own Strength Program

By | July 5, 2019

One of the ways you can maintain fitness is through strength training. There are numerous approaches you can use if you are into training for strength. The effort you put into training will, however, determine the results you get. Strength training comes with lots of benefits. Not only will you have a great physical appearance, but also you will be able to build your muscle strength, make your bones stronger, burn calories, and even relieve stress off your joints. You will also be able to shed some weight as you gain more muscles. Below is a guide on how you can come up with your own strength program.


1.      Know your fitness goals

Usually when people go into training, they have various objectives they want to achieve. You should know the kind of changes you would like to see within one month. Pick a goal and work hard towards achieving it. For optimal results, you will need to have your fitness goals aligned with your nutritional plan. This will help you avoid cases of burning calories during training and ingesting more of them during your meals. You can talk to specialists in nutrition for guidance on what you should have as your meals.

2.      Strategize on volume, intensity, frequency, and recovery time

You should plan in advance how many times a week you are going to train, the size of the load you will lift, the volume of your workload in every training session, and the time you will set aside for rest and recovery. You can either train more frequently, or with higher intensity, or even with a higher volume. You will have to choose two options that you prefer while manipulating the other. Remember, with any training program, getting enough time for recovery and rest is very important. You will not only avoid injuries but also be ready for the next strength training exercise. You can also use steroids to help boost your recovery and strength. You can buy these steroids online from sites like

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3.      Divide your training days depending on your fitness goals

You can decide to do a full-body workout for 3 days a week or split the exercises in accordance with muscle groups for 5 days a week. You can also split the exercises into lower and upper body workouts, doing so for 4 days a week. You should predetermine the parts you will be working on if you will not be doing full-body workouts. Your training days should be prioritized in accordance with your fitness goals.

4.      Know the exercise you will be doing on each training day

You can browse online for the best exercises that you can include in your strength training routine. Go for the exercises that can yield the best results within a short amount of time, and avoid those with a lot of unnecessary stuff. You should also pick the exercises based on the training equipment available to you, if you are comfortable doing the exercises, and also if there is a place where you can do the exercises. As soon as you know what movements you will be doing during your training, you can then do the exercise for a period of 4-8 weeks, and you will see results. It is important to switch the sequence of your training and alter the frequency for the best results.