How to Promote Medical Mobile Apps

By | August 15, 2018

Planning to launch your new medical mobile app on the market? We recommend you read this blog post to learn invaluable information on promoting medical apps in the market.

Medical mobile apps are creating a revolution in the healthcare industry and have become a billion-dollar industry in a mere 5-year span. These apps cater to a variety of audiences such as physicians, nurses, medical students, patients, women’s health, overall health monitoring, etc.

The demand for personalized medical apps is growing steadily and apps are offering more unique features.  They have become easier to use and most charge only a nominal rate. So, the demand for medical apps has dramatically risen in the last few years.

Today we will discuss three ways to promote your medical mobile app.

Website: Make sure you have your website fully functioning and ready before you start promoting your medical app. This will ensure users that your app is legitimate and it will help you build a larger database. Make sure your website is also mobile friendly and has in-depth information on all the products & services you offer including screenshots of your app and its usefulness. You could also use your website to promote your app with pop-up ads, banner ads, and email blasts.

Search Ads: If you are launching a new medical app, then we highly recommend you opt for paid search ads. These are simple, straightforward, and are turning out to have the highest conversion rate. You will need to invest in relevant keywords so that when a user searches a particular keyword your app will pop up on the top results.

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Social Media: It is essential to promote your app on a variety of social media platforms to increase visibility and increase downloads. You can promote your medical app on social media in two methods- organic and paid. Organic promotion consists of your followers on various social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, who are updated about your app through posts, tweets, images, etc. Paid promotion on social media is through ads, cost-per-click, click-through rate (CTR), and ad campaigns. Make sure your ad campaign is catchy and vibrant.

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