Inflammation of the Eye Caused by Gut Microbes

By | October 27, 2018

woman's eye with iritis

Here is information that has just been reported. Recently we posted a blog detailing how microbes that inhabit our gut may underlie various autoimmune diseases. This is a new insight into the cause of medical conditions that have not been understood.


Now a new understanding is that any diseases in which the immune system is involved are affected by the gut microbes and imbalances in the gut microbes can cause disease in the body.


One of the inflammations in the body that has not been understood occurs in the eye. A patient with this problem develops a painful red eye that has blurred vision and is extremely sensitive to bright light. We call this condition iritis. It usually responds nicely to topical cortisone drops, but in most instances we are not able to determine the cause.


Current research indicates that bacterial proteins in the gut can trigger this kind of autoimmune attack on the eye. With this information researchers are looking looking for treatments that are safer than cortisone drops and that can go directly to the case of the problem by preventing the gut from generating autoimmune attacks on the eye..



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