Keto diet more emotional

By | August 6, 2020

keto diet more emotional

By: Alison Moodie November 6, The high-fat, low-carb diet is having a moment — celebrities like Halle Berry and Megan Fox swear by it as a weight-loss strategy. But less has been said about keto and depression. Does giving up carbs and sugar help or hurt your mood? The keto diet has been around a long time — it was first introduced in the s to treat people with epilepsy. Since depression and the brain are so closely linked, researchers have explored the possibility of using keto as a treatment for depression.

Everything irritates me. Still early days at week 4 – lots of stuff can be going on – keto flu, carb withdrawal, examining your relationship with food and so on. Key is to be gentle with yourself and avoid black and white thinking e. Also, going in and out of ketosis makes me anxious so I try to stay in ketosis depleting the glycogen feels awful to me. Lots of random thoughts here with no citations, but check out some keto resources on here and elsewhere.

Journal of Clinical Investigations Brain metabolism during fasting [nonrandomized study, weak evidence]. You may also want to supplement with a digestive enzyme, particularly one that contains the enzyme lipase. Mindful eating is a practice to help you develop awareness of your eating habits and identify triggers that may lead to emotional eating. Adjusting your eating habits along with your cycle can keep your keto lifestyle and hormones more in-sync. The result? However, when eating becomes your primary way to cope with uncomfortable emotions, this can result in a roller-coaster ride of addictive behaviors. Keto crotch can cause a “fishy” smell.

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