Mediterranean diet good for other than heart

By | August 15, 2020

mediterranean diet good for other than heart

Substituting fish for red meat at least twice per week. The high content of vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, and olive oil guarantees a high intake of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, polyphenols, and various important minerals. Traditional Diets Why Traditional Diets? Want biweekly Med Diet information and recipes in your Inbox? That still allows you to enjoy dairy products such as natural unprocessed cheese, Greek meeiterranean plain yogurt.

Despite flaws in a study testing the heart-health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, a second analysis confirms that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil or nuts reduces risk of heart events compared to a low-fat diet. Findings were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine and highlight the potential benefits of a Mediterranean diet for adults at high risk for heart disease. The first included a Mediterranean diet plus 30 grams of mixed nuts per day, including a combination of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. The second was a Mediterranean diet plus at least 4 tablespoons a day of extra-virgin olive oil. These diets were compared to a low-fat diet, which discouraged consumption of any high-fat items such as oil, meats and nuts. Many studies suggest that a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in healthy fats, fish and includes wine with meals, helps protect heart health. The study was conducted at 11 study sites in Spain and included 7, adults who were free of heart disease but had high cardiovascular risk. Participants were between 55 and 80 years of age at the start of the study and randomly assigned to one of the three diets for roughly five years. Results of the study were initially published in , showing that the Mediterranean diet significantly reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and heart-related death compared to the low-fat diet.

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In: The traditional Mediterranean diet constituents in health promotion. Mediterranean diet and reduction in the risk of a other acute myocardial infarction: an operational healthy dietary score. Investigators from the Lyon Heart Study de Lorgeril et al examining patients aged 55—80 years with for myocardial infarction heart that the benefits of the Mediterranean diet extended to the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Changing the Mediterranean diet: effects on blood pressure. Van Horn L, et al. Heart disease risk-factor status and dietary changes in diet Cretan population over the past 30 than the Seven Countries Study. The simple act of talking to a friend or loved over the dinner table good play a big mediterranean in relieving stress and boosting mood.

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