Mixing Supplements With Or Before Meals

By | November 9, 2018

Cutting down weight can be like sawing through a forest or using a chainsaw to make it quick and easy. Very rarely will you ever find solutions that fit the description of the latter. It’s rare to find a way where you can lose weight quickly and not feel exhausted. It’s funny how so many people wish they could lose weight rapidly but if only they knew how painful and disturbing it can be for the body to go through something like that, they wouldn’t be so keen on the idea. However, there’s no need to scoff at the idea that you can lose weight quickly and still feel great. You just need to mix it up a bit with your diet. Supplements are there to supplement, not to take over from your ordinary meal intake. You should still be meeting your macros and taking care of your fat and carbohydrate intake but you can slip in a supplement to aid your fitness diet also. You can’t just consume anything, you need something that will be specific in supporting your workouts and eating.

A boost with breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a cliche saying but it holds true value. If you intend to work out in the mornings when you could do with a boost to your energy levels and your body’s willingness to burn glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel your muscles use. When glycogen that has been stored in the muscle gets burned away from use, your body has no other option but to start trimming fat off your body to then convert it into more glycogen. Therefore the more your muscles can do during your workouts, the more fat you’ll burn.

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Mix in a pinch of creatine supplement into your breakfast to achieve this readiness in your muscles and body. It’s one of the few supplements that professionals would recommend taking if you’re serious about doing extra reps in the gym or jogging longer and harder on the treadmill. It’s kind of like caffeine in that it increases your heart rate and fills you up with energy that you can release in your workouts. However, don’t take it on its own because it’s best to mix it with something. For example put it into your orange juice, or with a smoothie. You can drink it how it is with water but then mix in a piece of peanut butter toast or some fruit such as a banana.

Before your lunch

It’s best not to mix too many supplements with your meals per day. Take one supplement a day preferably but you can take more than that if you wish. Don’t overload your body with chemicals, even those that are designed to help you lose weight and become healthier. Too much too quickly can make your body confused and you may end up feeling like you’re going to throw up. Sensibly taking a supplement that will help your metabolism to speed up before having a lunch is something many people recommend. A supplement like ehp oxyshred is designed to boost your immune system and help your metabolism. It’s going to help attack the stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to want to respond to your tough workouts. Take this supplement around half an hour before a meal if you plan on working out afterwards. Preferably you should take it during the morning so the effects can be felt for the rest of the day. However, if you can’t do that, then try to mix it in with your regular lunchtime meal.

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E with dinner

Part of getting healthier and fitter is trying to clear up your skin. When you are not working out and living a normal life, your skin is not breathing as best as it could. It’s easier to get spots and blotches but when you are exercising your skin is clearer and has a fresh bounce to it. With skin that can breathe better, this means you can sweat more efficiently and keep your body temperature down when working out. With your dinner, you can take vitamin E tablets. These aren’t strong and don’t give you an upset stomach afterwards. Vitamin E is the best of all to help your skin become stronger and healthier.

Getting in your supplements without feeling sick or strange requires you to mix them in with your meals. Some supplements you would rather avoid eating with a meal, but often times you can calm the stomach down from having to digest complex chemicals. Timing the right supplement with the right meal in the day may give you the best benefits from the supplement itself. Collaboration.

Nic Makim