New imaging tech can replace fluoroscopy, speeds procedures

By | February 5, 2019

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is going live with the 7D Surgical System for spinal procedures from 7D Surgical based in Toronto.

The 188-bed facility in Nashua has more than 500 providers in the delivery system and about 70 practices.

The imaging system is intended to replace standard fluoroscopy with a radiation-free tool for the placement of spinal implants. The technology is a machine-vision image guided surgery platform enabling surgeons to use sophisticated camera technology linked to a computer in the operating theater. The vendor likens the technology to what is used in the most recent self-driving automobiles.

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“Having used traditional navigation systems, the 7D Surgical System is by far a superior platform,” says Tung Nguyen, MD, a neurosurgeon at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center. “I have experienced improvement in surgical case duration, while improving staff and patient safety through significant reduction of total fluoroscopy time in my operating theater.”

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is part of SolutionHealth, a regional delivery system with providers from Foundation Medical Partners, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua, and independent practices, along with seven immediate care locations. The medical center also is a clinical affiliate with Massachusetts General Hospital.

Joseph Goedert

Joseph Goedert

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