Dirty Electricity — Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics and Lowered Life Expectancy

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published May 28, 2017. Did you know that a significant percentage of the diseases we now face is related to an artifact of electricity? In this interview, Dr. Sam Milham, author of “Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization,” explains the health hazards of… Read More »

9 Things You May Not Know About Mucus

Most people don’t talk about nasal mucus, which may mean that they don’t have a lot of information about how integral it is to health. In addition to producing mucus, your nasal cavity also has its own microbiome that helps provide natural protection against pathogens.1 For example, one paper2 notes that the anterior nares of… Read More »

Can Ending Inflammation Help Beat Depression?

Multiple studies have suggested that the inflammatory process is linked to the development of altered mood and depression.1 Chronic inflammation can lead to several significant chronic diseases, which are some of the leading causes of mortality worldwide, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.2 Intermittent inflammation is critical… Read More »