‘My vaccine refusal is causing tension with friends – but I don’t feel selfish’

As The Mirror reported this week, Covid vaccination take-up has dramatically slowed across the UK this month as fewer young people take up the offer to get their first dose. Here we ask 28-year-old Hannah why she’s chosen not to get jabbed – and how she feels about being branded ‘selfish’ as a result. My… Read More »

NASA’s Curiosity rover detects ‘alien burp’ on surface of Mars

Did E.T. just belch? A so-called “alien burp” may have been detected by NASA’s Curiosity rover while exploring Mars. A group of scientists may have pinpointed the location of a mysterious source of Martian methane, a simple gas often produced by microbes. Most of the methane in Earth’s own atmosphere has biological origins, according to the… Read More »

Over 12M e-prescriptions issued in Australia, says ADHA

While the federal government is not mandating clinicians across Australia to issue electronic prescriptions, its issuance has gone above 12 million, according to the Australian Digital Health Agency. WHY IT MATTERS As Australian patients have the option to forward their e-prescriptions to local pharmacies or use consumer medication management apps, e-prescriptions proved to be “especially… Read More »