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Causes of insomnia: what are they?

Author Kabir Hasan Published February 2, 2021 Word count 562 Sleep is a necessary part of life. A number of mental or physical health complications can arise when you don’t get adequate sleep. According to numerous studies, adults need an average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night but get a least an… Read More »

Introduction to Dysphagia: A Throat and Esophageal Disorder With Many Underlying Causes

Top Story Vaccination: What’s Trust Got to Do With It? Depending on which state you live in, refusing a COVID-19 vaccine next year could become a living nightmare as public officials, doctors, billionaire technocrats, attorneys and politicians are beating the drum for swift enactment of ‘no exceptions’… Articles : Thyroid Disease

How COVID-19 causes smell loss

Temporary loss of smell, or anosmia, is the main neurological symptom and one of the earliest and most commonly reported indicators of COVID-19. Studies suggest it better predicts the disease than other well-known symptoms such as fever and cough, but the underlying mechanisms for loss of smell in patients with COVID-19 have been unclear. Now,… Read More »