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Inside a sex doll factory: ‘What our quality control team does’

Sex doll manufacturer Real Doll released a photo of its “Westworld”-style factory this week on Instagram, and it’s just as strange you’d expect. The sex dolls have the capability to carry on conversations.REUTERS/Aly Song Looking like a scene from the gruesome procedural, “Criminal Minds,” there are rows of realistic-looking female dolls hanging from the ceiling… Read More »

What Birth Control method is best for me?

Author Sony Eguabor Published February 7, 2021 Word count 704 Birth control is simply a way of preventing pregnancy. There are many methods used to achieve birth control. It can also be called family planning, fertility control, or contraception. They all mean the same thing. There is no best birth control for anyone. It all… Read More »

Which birth control is used for acne

Which birth control is used for acne women with severe cramping due to endometriosis, however, continuous pills are recommended. Rachel is a board-certified dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dermatology. If it does not help and acne persists, strongly suggest consulting your dermatologist for the best next step. Some women… Read More »

New coronavirus looks set to cause a pandemic – how do we control it?

By Debora MacKenzie The new coronavirus, as imaged by an electron microscopeZhu et al/NEJM © 2020, Massachusetts Medical Society The new coronavirus may be about to go global. Speaking at a press conference earlier this week, Gabriel Leung at the University of Hong Kong said that without “substantial, draconian measures limiting population mobility” – even… Read More »