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How to cope with genital herpes

Stress hormones epinephrine and corticosterone selectively modulate herpes simplex virus 1 HSV-1 and HSV-2 productive infections in adult sympathetic, but not sensory, neurons. Read More. Perhaps you might pick one close friend and tell her or him about it. External link. During the interviews, participants were provided basic educational information about HSV-2, including how HSV-2… Read More »

New Therapies Help Patients With Dementia Cope With Depression

Anne Firmender, 74, was working with her psychologist to come up with a list of her positive attributes. “I cook for others,” said Ms. Firmender. “It’s giving,” encouraged the psychologist, Dimitris Kiosses. “Good kids,” continued Ms. Firmender, who has four grown children and four grandchildren. “And great mother,” added Dr. Kiosses. Ms. Firmender smiled. Dr.… Read More »

Hackensack offers children VR games to cope with hard procedures

Virtual reality goggles are being used to help children at Hackensack University Medical Center stay calm during painful or uncomfortable procedures. The goggles enable a patient to play games or relax on a virtual beach, among other scenes, while getting blood drawn or undergoing a spinal tap or an IV insertion, among other unpleasant treatments.… Read More »