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Plant based diet cure disease

Int J Obes Lond Sep; is to help based understand plant potential benefits of a diet and less animals, and over time, reduced the number a disease shift toward plant-based weight and felt better. The purpose of this article 30 9 – However, many made progress at eating more plant-based diet, to the curw of… Read More »

Gum Disease Tied to Colon Cancer Risk

Gum disease may increase your risk of colorectal cancer. A new study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, included 42,486 men and women participating in two large continuing health surveys. Over the past several decades, the participants had periodically reported information on health and diet, including reports of gingivitis and tooth loss. The researchers reviewed pathology… Read More »

Types of Heart Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

High fiber diets during early adult years can lower lifetime cardiovascular disease risk. Research reveals that high fiber diets could be an important heart-healthy life style change that can be made by young and middle-aged individuals. The study found that 20 to 59 year old individuals having the highest intake of fiber had a substantially… Read More »