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Why Is Everyone on CPAP Machines?

The continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine was invented 40 years ago to treat severe cases of sleep apnea, a condition where you repeatedly stop breathing during sleep. The CPAP, which straps around your face, covering your mouth, nose, or both, uses mild air pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep. You can… Read More »

Jennifer O: Exceptionally Talented Yoga Expert mantra for life “Yoga is a Journey and it is For Everyone”

Photo credit Photographer Christina Emelie for Andie Swim, Swimwear Jennifer Ohlsson is a yoga expert, yoga trainer, an accomplished model. She is based at New York, US. Her yoga journey started with a VHS tape by Rodney Yee and a few classes and then a friend asked her to come to a hot yoga class… Read More »

10 secret health hacks doctors tell their friends- advice everyone should know

There is always so much advice around about all the things we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy. From eating the right food and taking vitamins, to moisturising our skin and doing exercise – it’s endless. But what bits of advice are worth following, and which should just be ignored? Well, we asked a… Read More »

Python-Only Web Development for Everyone: Anvil Open-Sources its Runtime Server to Speed Web App Creation

Showcases apps developed in response to COVID-19 – Now enables developers to deploy applications anywhere, including on Raspberry Pi and IoT devices Cambridge UK, 6 May 2020: Software startup Anvil today announced a major extension of its powerful web app development environment, which makes it simple for Python developers to quickly design, build and ship… Read More »