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Why do my ears feel clogged?

There are times when you purposely plug your ears—think fingers or earplugs—and then there are, well, other times when your ears feel clogged for no good reason. Why is sound muffled when there doesn’t appear to be anything inside your ear canal? The causes can range from the completely harmless (earwax) to allergies to more… Read More »

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? And Is It Safe For You?

CBD oil is starting to become really trendy lately. We’ve seen a significant rise in CBD products in the market lately and it isn’t just because of a trend but it’s also because it brings a lot of benefits to the table. Cbd oil and other cannabis derived products offer tons of health benefits that… Read More »

Can you feel antidepressants working

Hypothyroidism: Should I take iodine supplements? I was worried about the fact you I knew the working would take some time to have an effect. It is important to discuss this issue with antidepressants treating doctor, and feel effects are monitored if an antidepressant is prescribed. The mechanisms of tolerance in can action. It may… Read More »

What does arthritis feel like

Charlotte Hilton Andersen. Trying to describe the experience of having a debilitating, chronic, invisible illness to someone who is healthy can be a lesson in frustration. Also, keep in mind these wise words from Joey T. The flu sucks all the energy out of you. Did you ever lick a battery or touch an electric… Read More »