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Is keto diet good for pregnancy

A good rule of thumb is to eat the rainbow — and yes, that can even include pickles and Neapolitan ice cream in moderation! Most people cannot adhere to the keto diet long term, so even though weight loss can seem really impressive, remember fat loss is more important. In the end, the safety of… Read More »

Shaved almonds good for keto diet?

Calories kcal. Seona Id be curious to spices or chocolate to change. You can add almonds to know how your modifications turned. You can coat hazelnuts with your salty and sweet dishes. I also wonder how important it is that the nuts be roasted or raw and if that makes any difference re: ketosis. Let… Read More »

Is coconut water good for diet

Coconut water, also known as coconut juice, is the fluid that is naturally found inside young, still green, coconuts. You can find the juice in many grocery stores and health food stores, and it is widely consumed for its health properties. While coconut juice is low in calories, it is also high in sugar and… Read More »

National Peanut Day 2020: From Weight Loss to Good Heart Health, Here Are Five Reasons to Have This Legume

National Peanut Day 2020 is observed annually on September 13 in the United States of America. This event is celebrated to enjoy crunchy peanuts. They grow underground like potatoes. Most people perceive peanuts as nuts. However, they are a legume which can be related to lentils and beans. Peanuts originated in South America around 3,500 years… Read More »