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National Peanut Day 2020: From Weight Loss to Good Heart Health, Here Are Five Reasons to Have This Legume

National Peanut Day 2020 is observed annually on September 13 in the United States of America. This event is celebrated to enjoy crunchy peanuts. They grow underground like potatoes. Most people perceive peanuts as nuts. However, they are a legume which can be related to lentils and beans. Peanuts originated in South America around 3,500 years… Read More »

Physical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as Good as Surgery

Researchers have shown that physical therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome is just as good as carpal tunnel surgery. The researchers report that 1 year after treatment, individuals having carpal tunnel syndrome that had been given physical therapy experienced results equivalent to those for individuals who had carpal tunnel surgery. Individuals who had received physical therapy… Read More »

Is diet lose mostly water good?

Lose two cups 16 oz of water weigh one pound, so shedding fluid diet can result in weighing a lot less on the scale. Staying hydrated keeps your blood vessels from constricting so blood can flow normally. Staying properly hydrated also helps maintain your blood’s volume, so you can optimize the expansion of blood vessels… Read More »

Are cheat. days good for diets

It depends for the kind of person you are: many people feel that regular cheat days help them stick to a strict good. The Mayo Clinic notes that a days targeting low carbohydrate diets constitutes about grams of carbs a gokd. However, for other people, overeating can cause more harm than good. Some research indicates… Read More »