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Why BA.5 Is the King of Coronavirus Variants

As suspected, SARS-CoV-2 continues to mutate. This was entirely expected and predicted, as vaccinating against any highly mutable virus, such as the coronavirus, pressures the virus to adapt. One of the latest variants, BA.5 — now believed to be the cause of nearly all COVID infections — is tied with measles in terms of its… Read More »

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Went Full ‘Lion King’ Glam for a Gala in LA Last Night

Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy went all out for a Lion King themed gala last night. Beyoncé also shared a video of Blue dancing and singing to a Lion King song, which was pretty frickin’ adorable. So far the internet has been…divided over the new live-action remake of the Lion King. Disney recently released photos… Read More »

Military-Specific Augmented Reality Patient Simulation: Interview with Dr. Kevin King, CEO of MedCognition

MedCognition, a Texas-based startup, has been awarded a contract to develop military-specific augmented reality patient simulations for the US army, in conjunction with Chenega Healthcare Services. The technology is based on an existing patient simulator, the PerSim system, which uses Microsoft HoloLens Mixed reality to project simulations of patients into real working environments to allow… Read More »