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Pandemic jobs recovery has lost momentum

The pandemic jobs recovery has lost momentum in recent weeks, putting added pressure on Congress to enact more relief. The number of new applications for unemployment benefits ticked up to 870,000 last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday. New claims have not budged significantly in recent weeks, meaning that the labor market is still shedding… Read More »

Humpback whale takes ‘wrong turn,’ gets lost in crocodile-filled river

This whale needs to check Google Maps. In what experts say is a very rare occurrence, a humpback whale got lost in a crocodile-infested Australian river on its way to Antarctica. While it’s unclear how or why, exactly, the whale lost its way, scientists suspect it took a “wrong turn.” “As far as we’re aware,… Read More »

A Swimmer Saved by What She Lost

COLORADO SPRINGS — The last thing Morgan Stickney remembers from before her lower leg was amputated is lying on a hospital gurney waiting for the anesthesia to take hold. With a debilitating fear racing through her mind, she asked her surgeon to hold her hand. They talked about swimming until she passed out. “It’s the… Read More »

3 Tips to surviving the outdoors when lost

3 Tips to surviving the outdoors when lost 3 Tips to surviving the outdoors when lost : People underestimate the challenges faced when one gets lost. They also overestimate their potential of finding their way back or getting help when they get lost. With a few tips and items including a stun gun, you can survive… Read More »