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Podiatry is the area of medicine that concentrates on the foot, ankle, and lower limb. It encapsulates the treatment of injury, birth defects, as well as the prevention and management of disease. The seriousness of the conditions and diseases varies but is likely to include improving gait, treating diabetes or treatment of ingrown toenails. More…… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid Health

Table of Contents Thyroid Gland: Understanding How It Works Hypothyroidism: The Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome How to Know if You Have Hypothyroidism How About If You Have a Hyperactive Thyroid? Diagnosing Possible Thyroid Issues Are Your at Risk of Thyroid Cancer? 4 Things That Affect Your Thyroid Health Iodine: Your Best Weapon Against Thyroid Problems How… Read More »

10 Everyday Emergencies You Need to Know How to Manage

Everyday Wellness Flat tire? Stovetop fire? Here’s how to troubleshoot these common everyday emergencies. When the power to your house suddenly cuts out iStock/Gregory_DUBUS When the power in your house suddenly cuts out—and the neighbors still have lights on—it’s probably an electrical fault. Grab a flashlight and go check out the GFCI receptacle, circuit breaker,… Read More »

Why health professionals need to be cautious on social media

For health professionals, posting a single negative comment to their Facebook profiles may hinder their credibility with current or potential clients, a new University of Guelph study reveals. The findings have reimbursement implications, as the healthcare industry is becoming ever more consumer-centric, and prospective patients increasingly use the internet to screen health professionals before deciding… Read More »