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Excess Sleep Can Increase Stroke Risk by 85%

While the pitfalls of too little sleep have been well documented, there are also risks of sleeping too much, which is generally defined as more than nine hours a night. Specifically, excessive sleep, along with long midday naps, may increase your risk of stroke, according to a Chinese study involving 31,750 people.1 It’s unclear exactly… Read More »

Liquid diet bettrr sleep

Experts recommend that adults aged 18—60 get at least 7—9 hours of sleep each night 1. Too little or too much sleep is associated with an increased risk of depression, diabetes, heart disease, and even death 2. Cherries are stone fruits that vary in flavor depending on the variety. They can be sweet, tart, or… Read More »

Sweating in sleep on keto diet

If the symptom persists or become unmanageable, do get a. This is a key step in keto since sugars can thorough check with a trusted. Contrary to conventional logic, drinking MORE kfto may lead to a drier night’s sleep. That might seem like a long list of symptoms. I used sweating have this issue when… Read More »