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Why is anxiety felt in the stomach

Having a nervous stomach can be a common occurrence in some people. Having a nervous stomach could have to do with your emotional state or mental health, your digestive or gut health, or even a mixture of both. Rarely, it may signal something more serious going on. Nervous stomach can also just be how your… Read More »

How to treat flu stomach

Stomach flu is an infection of the digestive system. Or if you and your child were recently traveling internationally to certain parts of the world — or vomiting occurs more than six times in a period of two how to treat flu stomach, drink this every few hours for best results. Ben House recommends drinking… Read More »

Why do u get stomach flu

When we got home, 6 out of 7 were throwing up. Indeed, Hero says drinking juice, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to load up on antioxidants may be the answer to avoid getting sick with the flu. Clostridium perfringens also loves to grow on food at room temperature. How can I get over my… Read More »