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Rice and water diet

For the same, one has to first boil cups of water and add rice and after boiling for some time. This past holiday season, though, I lost some boundaries in a way that was making me feel deeply exhausted. And, even when it’s a healthy sugar like honey or maple syrup, there’s too much of… Read More »

3 day water diet

To be honest, fasting for 3 days was brutal. I experienced nausea and an increased heart rate. It was concerning. Ultimately, I ended up experiencing significant fasting benefits from my 3 day fast. But there was one thing I wish I did differently. To skip the science and further information on a 3 day fast,… Read More »

Is coconut water good for diet

Coconut water, also known as coconut juice, is the fluid that is naturally found inside young, still green, coconuts. You can find the juice in many grocery stores and health food stores, and it is widely consumed for its health properties. While coconut juice is low in calories, it is also high in sugar and… Read More »

70 suburbs still without safe tap water

Warnings to boil tap water have been lifted in 26 Melbourne suburbs after wild storms contaminated the supply system. Bottled water has been flying off supermarket shelves in the city’s north and south east after the scare peaked to impact on 99 suburbs and about 250,000 houses on Saturday. In a statement released at 9.30pm… Read More »

Is diet lose mostly water good?

Lose two cups 16 oz of water weigh one pound, so shedding fluid diet can result in weighing a lot less on the scale. Staying hydrated keeps your blood vessels from constricting so blood can flow normally. Staying properly hydrated also helps maintain your blood’s volume, so you can optimize the expansion of blood vessels… Read More »