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IPBS Celebrates 30 Years of Software Excellence and Growth

Three decades of successfully delivering digital private banking and wealth management solutions to the off-shore market Nassau, Bahamas, 26 January, 2023 – International Private Banking Systems (www.ipbs.com), has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 30 years delivering flexible, robust private banking and wealth management solutions. The modular platform enables financial institutions to automate… Read More »

The Buenos Aires patient: Argentinian woman controls HIV for at least 12 years after stopping treatment

An Argentinian woman, now in her 50s, has controlled HIV below the limits of detection since stopping HIV treatment due to side-effects in 2007, researchers from Buenos Aires and the US National Institutes of Health report. The woman no longer has antibodies to HIV and researchers found only a small number of cells containing HIV… Read More »

Q&A: ‘For years nurses have been left out of the conversation’

Rebecca Love is an experienced nurse and entrepreneur that works in healthcare innovation. She is a strong advocate of the importance of nursing for the advancement of healthcare and was the first Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the US at the Northeastern School of Nursing – the founding initiative in the country designed to empower… Read More »

Britons are ‘more likely to die of cancer than they were 15 years ago’ because of Covid-19

Britons are ‘more likely to die of cancer than they were 15 years ago’ because of coronavirus – as 27-year-old mother who beat breast cancer twice dies of the disease after doctors wrongly blamed her cough on Covid-19 Experts modelled what effect disruption of cancer services will have by 2025 Around 3,500 patients with four… Read More »