What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Have Sex for a Long Time? From High Blood Pressure to Stress Here’s What a Dry Spell Does to You!

By | July 16, 2020

With complete lockdown being imposed in certain parts of the world and social distancing becoming a norm, it is quite likely that some of you might be going through a dry spell, currently. And if the situation continues to remain the same, your dry spell might just last longer. Reportedly, those who have been staying indoors with their partners amid this situation are also facing a similar situation. With what’s currently going on around us, it is highly unlikely that one might be just as interested in having sex, as they were previously. So, the question arises – How does one’s body react to a dry spell, and what are the ways to deal with it? Here are a few things that can help you out in this situation. Can a Guy Ejaculate Without Sexual Intercourse? Here’s Why Sex Is Not Necessary to Have An Ejaculation.

Practice makes a man perfect

If you ain’t practising, then it’s likely that you might just go off rhythm. If you and your partner have both been sexually inactive for a while now, chances are that it might get awkward the next time you try and have sex. It is likely that being sexually inactive can adversely affect your chemistry with your partner.

Masturbate often

If you don’t have your partner around and that’s what’s keeping you from having great sex, then use the ultimate solution – Masturbation. Research suggests that ejaculating on a daily basis can help alleviate so of the effects of having a dry spell.

What’s blood pressure got to do with it?

Reports also suggest that people who don’t have sex for a long time are more prone to having high blood pressure. Having sex regularly keeps the blood pressure levels in check, thereby improving the body’s response to stress.

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So, there’s also more stress if you’re not having sex?

Well, yes! Chances are you might just end up being more stressed out when going through a dry spell. That’s because of what we mentioned above. Having sex helps getting rid of stress and releases happy hormones in both men and women.

Apart from these, there are several effects of a dry spell on the human body. From your work performance being affected by your immune system getting weaker, having an unhealthy and inactive sex life can have major effects on your body.

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