What the Heck Is Ariana Grande Tweeting About RN? Some Theories

By | November 2, 2018
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Last night, Ariana Grande clapped back at her now-ex Pete Davidson for seemingly trying to stay relevant by making jokes about their breakup.

Now, she’s taking to Twitter for entirely different reasons—or so it seems. Earlier today, she tweeted three fairly cryptic messages about pain and moving on. They are:

“cause look what i found …. ain’t no need for searching and for that i say…. thank u, next”

“got so much love….. got so much patience….. i’ve learnt from the pain …. and turnt out amazin…. say i’ve loved and i’ve lost….. but that’s not what i see cause look what i got…. look what u taught me”

“and for that i say ……. thank u, next”

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There is a plethora of things this string of tweets could be about. Let’s review some theories.

First, fans were quick to suggest that these are lyrics to a new song. They even hopefully responded to the tweets asking if this is some AG5 album tea. Lyric Genius already made a page for the song and everything. It’s possible.

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The “thank u, next” line seemed to be another reference to Pete. People said as much in the replies, too. Their breakup seems to have gotten ~tense~ in the past few days, so it’s totally possible she’s shading him again.

And finally, it’s a possibility the lyrics about learning from the pain are a reference to the recent passing of Mac Miller, especially because of the “loved and lost” line. Or it could be about residual feelings from the Manchester attack of 2017. TBH, the girl has been through a lot.

Or, hell, it could be all of the above. Only time will tell, I guess. Hope you’re OK, Ari!

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