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Busta Rhymes Just Showed Off His Abs in a New Weight Loss Transformation Photo

Busta Rhymes might be best known as a hip hop legend, but over on social media he has also become one of those accounts people follow for #fitnessgoals. The rapper regularly posts his workouts to Instagram, sharing updates on his weightlifting training and weight loss, as well as clips of workouts with his famous friends,… Read More »

How to lose weight on gf diet

They have not been diagnosed with any disease that would cause gluten sensitivity. Gluten is in foods that are a great source of vitamins and nutrients that are good for your body. Overweight in celiac disease: prevalence, clinical characteristics, and effect of a gluten-free diet. Obviously lettuce is naturally gluten-free, but low in calories and… Read More »

Why weight loss in cancer patients

Or, sometimes you gain weight because certain anti-cancer drugs cause your body to hold on to extra fluid. You can also why some upper body weight while sitting in a chair loss moving your arms up patients down and cncer to back loss help maintain flexibility. Cancer often only suggest steroids for short-term use for… Read More »