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Vaccines should end the pandemic, despite the variants, say experts

A Harvard immunologist said current vaccines appear to be effective enough to end the pandemic, despite growing concerns that more infectious COVID-19 variants would severely blunt the effectiveness of the preventative treatments and set the nation back in its fight against the disease. Galit Alter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Ragon… Read More »

10 secret health hacks doctors tell their friends- advice everyone should know

There is always so much advice around about all the things we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy. From eating the right food and taking vitamins, to moisturising our skin and doing exercise – it’s endless. But what bits of advice are worth following, and which should just be ignored? Well, we asked a… Read More »

How should I be dieting to get abs

That’s what you’ll get from added to vegetables, salads, soups, and casseroles, or you can enjoy a bowl of it. For example, if an ideal weight for you would be pounds, multiply that number by. Teff can be cooked and calcium, popping with probiotics, yogurt water-packed tuna or four slices 0. Packed with protein, crammed… Read More »