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Kinky Sex & Sub/Dom Drop Aftercare: Important Things To Keep in Mind After an Extreme Kink Session

Kinky sex is often rough and there might be certain physical, emotional and mental needs that you and your partner would need to take care of post the session. Kinky sex aftercare usually involves helping each other go back to ‘normal’. Whether it is physical injuries or bruises or “drop”, one might need special attention… Read More »

What to know about peeing after sex

People may have heard that peeing after sex is beneficial, especially for women. This is because peeing flushes bacteria out of the body, which may help prevent a urinary tract from developing. Here, we look at how peeing after sex may help to prevent urinary tract infections. We also discuss whether there are any other… Read More »

After COVID-19, What Next? A Recovery Blueprint for Health System Leaders

By JAMES GARDNER Is the beginning of the end in sight? Perhaps. After much stress and strain, many experts believe we’re seeing early signs of a COVID-19 plateau in some states and cities. Everything could change tomorrow, but healthcare leaders should be preparing now to reopen their shuttered operating rooms and get back to business.  When restrictions… Read More »

Drive-Thru Health, In and After the Pandemic

Physical distancing and sheltering-in-place at home are becoming norms in our pandemic life-flows. We’ve seen the advent of drive-through and drive-up weddings, wakes, and high school graduation rites. And when food, hygiene supplies, and medical care can’t be delivered by Amazon or Instacart via FedEx, UPS, or the U.S. Postal Service, there’s always the automobile… Read More »