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‘My body hang-ups have stopped me from doing so much – I don’t want my kids to remember me on the sidelines’

As a Mam to two boys, over the years I became an expert at minding ‘the stuff’ on the sidelines, edge of activities, and the beach. Minding stuff is an important job. It normally involves taking care of a bundle of jerseys, shoes, bags of kit, some snacky bits, and encouraging family members on with… Read More »

How much does exercise help diabetes

Medication adjustments for PA are generally necessary only with use of insulin and other insulin secretagogues , All individuals should closely examine their feet on a daily basis to prevent and detect sores or ulcers early and follow recommendations for use of proper footwear. An important predictor of increased PA was the use of a… Read More »

How much benadryl for migraine

Daniel J. Ann Emerg Med Aug Adding a large dose of diphenhydramine to metoclopramide therapy did not improve outcomes. Acute migraine is best treated with sumatriptan, prochlorperazine, caffeine, ibuprofen, or a combination, and opioids should be avoided assiduously. Both metoclopramide and prochlorperazine cause extrapyramidal side effects, most commonly akathisia. Because these side effects are treated… Read More »

How much cholesterol in green tea

Ginger tea is usually thought of as a stomach soother, but it may help with cholesterol as well. Bitter melon tea may improve your cholesterol and reduce your risk for cholesterol-related conditions. Mar 30, For instance, a study published in concluded that 3. Your friend’s email. If you want to lead a healthy life, it… Read More »

How much is it to cure chlamydia

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection worldwide and a major cause of morbidity—particularly among women and neonates. A decision analytical model was developed to compare diagnostic and treatment strategies, using Botswana as a case. Model input was based upon 1 a study of pregnant women in Botswana, 2 literature reviews and 3… Read More »