Veradigm, Komodo Health work on new data set for life sciences

By | August 25, 2019

Veradigm, a payer and life sciences unit within Allscripts, has partnered with Komodo Health to create the largest linked electronic medical records and claims data set for life science research.

The program combines Veradigm’s EHR data from Allscripts with a healthcare map from Komodo that offers almost 50 million linked and longitudinal patient records. The initiative aims to better understand patient journeys.

The Komodo map holds encounter data from more than 150 private and public insurers. The longitudinal view of 50 million de-identified patients will support life sciences companies as they investigate new ways to reduce disease burden.

By linking the largest ambulatory EHR for life science research with the Komodo map, researchers can integrate patient history and behavior, clinical symptoms and outcomes, patterns of drug and health services utilization, and costs to patients and insurers.

Information in the data set combines clinical and patient lifestyle information as well as cost and utilization data captured across care settings. Veradigm offers near real-time patient and biopharmaceutical data, analytics and point-of-care programs with insights on managing costs and improving outcomes, as well as developing real-world evidence for its life sciences customers.


Arif Nathoo, MD, CEO at Komodo

In total, the Komodo Health map links 150 complete real-time datasets on more than 320 million patients, representing 65 billion clinical encounters, with 15 million new encounters added each day.

“Data increasingly must be the backbone of each health decision and product in healthcare, yet stakeholders lack access to an accurate view of patient health, provider practices and outcomes,” says Arif Nathoo, MD, CEO at Komodo. Veradigm, he adds, changes the game by delivering the insights of patient journeys.

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