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New Sol-Gel cream shows positive phase 3 results for acne vulgaris – Dermatology Times

Sol-Gel Technology Ltd., a clinical-stage dermatology company, recently announced promising phase 3 results from two clinical trials analyzing their investigational drug, Twyneo, for the treatment of acne vulgaris. MORE: Acne cream seeks marketing authorizations in EU Meeting all primary endpoints, Both trials included an absolute change in the baseline at week 12 in inflammatory and non-inflammatory… Read More »

Research shows hair dye and straighteners increase risk of breast cancer in Black women

Adobe Stock Images A study has sparked concerns about how permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners affects the safety of African American women. The study was recently published in the International Journal of Cancer. Past research has found a connection in the chemicals of hair dye and straighteners with cancer. However, when tested within… Read More »

How long until genital herpes shows up

See your doctor if there’s any abnormal symptom down there. If your infection is chronic, and the meds your doctor prescribed are making you feel worse, then you should read The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. And they’re more affordable than expensive how long until genital herpes shows up. Unfortunately, even when you’re not showing any symptoms,… Read More »

Large drugmakers could lose $1 trillion in sales and still be the most profitable industry, analysis shows

Large, brand-name drug manufacturers would still be the most profitable industry sector even with $ 1 trillion fewer sales, all while maintaining current research investments, finds a new analysis of publicly reported financial data by researchers at West Health Policy Center and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This builds on previous research by… Read More »

Mindfulness meditation study shows changes in neural responses to pain and fear

Participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to alter how the brain processes fear memories. In a study that will appear in the Nov. 1 issue of Biological Psychiatry, a team led by researchers at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) report that mindfulness meditation appears to help extinguish fearful associations. A common way to… Read More »

TV ad shows actual period blood

In an Australian-first, Libra’s new campaign is depicting actual blood in a bid to tackle period stigma. The #bloodnormal campaign feature the experience of periods and period blood openly and honestly in an attempt to normalise periods in mainstream culture, according to Libra. “Contrary to popular belief, women don’t bleed blue liquid, they bleed blood,”… Read More »

Doctors significantly over-allocated times to perform joint replacements, study shows

Dive Brief: The physician-led Relative Value Scale Update Committee over-allocated the time required to perform knee replacement surgeries by 23% and hip replacement surgeries by 18%, according to a new Health Affairs study. Time over-allocations were even greater when previously implanted joints were being repaired or replaced. More than 80% of original replacements and more than… Read More »