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Groups host congressional briefing to support lifting patient ID ban

The American Health Information Management Association and College of Healthcare Information Management Executives went to Capitol Hill on Monday to overturn a 20-year prohibition on federal funding for a unique patient identifier. AHIMA and CHIME hosted a briefing for members of Congress to encourage Senate support for last month’s House amendment to the Departments of… Read More »

What Does “Lifting Heavy” Actually Mean?

It’s been amazing to watch more and more women gain an interest in strength training in recent years, evidenced by all of the “strong is the new skinny” memes. But the truth is, strong isn’t really the new anything; strong has always been strong. It’s just finally gaining more of a female audience! Once frequently… Read More »

Is Lifting Safe for Children?

My mother never taught me how to be physically strong. Sure, she showed me what it meant to be mentally strong, emotionally strong, and transcend strength into my work, education, and personal aspirations — but being physically strong was not something I learned from her. I wish it had been though. Sure, she brought me… Read More »