Tips To Grow And Strengthen Your Muscles By Mark Enoch

By | October 2, 2018

When it comes to making a good fitness plan on how to grow and strengthen your muscles, there are two main challenges you are likely to face. One is finding an effective way to do the workouts and the second is finding an efficient way to enjoy the workouts to break the boredom. The solution to these challenges is muscle confusion.

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So, what is muscle confusion? Trainers and gym enthusiasts frequently use this term. It is defined as frequently changing your exercises to increase muscle stimulation which results in the growth of the muscles and increased muscle strength. According to research, your muscle takes about 8 to 10 weeks to adapt to a new exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that within the 8-10 weeks, switch up the sets, reps, and weights to create an effective muscle confusion for greater stimulation.

However, that being said there are some trainers and gym instructors who believe that your muscles need to be fatigued to be challenged, not confused. Working out is a skill and skills are developed through constant repetition. Doing something different in the gym focuses your efforts on learning movements and figuring out what you are doing rather than growing skill and then being able to perform that skill repeatedly to facilitate muscle growth and strength.

Here is what you should know when growing and strengthening your muscles

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Constant Switch Doesn’t Necessarily Guarantee Results

The most common myth on muscle confusion a major of workout newbies fall to is that to gain muscles and get stronger you need to change your daily exercises to stimulate muscle growth continually. Constantly switching up your routine doesn’t give your muscle enough time to master the activities adequately. You are advised to follow a specific plan that focuses your efforts on repeatedly training on a set of muscles for you to grow and strengthen them.

Challenging Your Muscles Is Key

Challenging your muscles means pushing your muscles to the limit which involves being able to do an extra move or moves when your muscles get fatigued. When you do the same exercise, in the same way, that is, the same number of sets, reps, and intensity your muscles adapt to that level of stress, and your muscles are less likely to develop. Gradually increasing reps, sets or adding a combination of things challenges your muscles which increases stimulation.

Manage Boredom Effectively

Sticking to the same exercises day in day out may result in boredom. This requires you to continually follow your strength- training program for 8 to 10 weeks but changing your weekly cardio. Other than that, you can find a motivation playlist for your workout sessions or find a workout friend.

Eat Enough Proteins

Proteins are responsible for growing your muscles. They are rich in amino acids that help build and repair muscle tissues. Each day you are advised to eat up to 1.5 grams of proteins per kilogram of bodyweight to enable muscle growth.

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