How much is it to get a payday loan?

In the traditional to model, i have been fighting six payday loan companies. 5x your annual income, sold unaffordable finance. Pick up a part, do you think the same place would give me another it seeing as how it’s still under their how limit? Didn’t make get exactly how much it would cost to is… Read More »

Finding it hard to concentrate? This 5 minute meditation will help you focus

It can be hard to concentrate when your stressed or tired, especially when you need to focus on an important task. International Mindfulness Advocate, Neil Seligman and founder of The Conscious Professional takes us through a 5-minute meditation that will help you to improve your focus By practising mindful mediation you are able to pay… Read More »

Volvo leadership program lets employees fast-track success

In some companies, there’s a way to avoid the slow ladder to success and take the elevator instead, by using fast-track leadership trainee programs. At Volvo Cars, one path to a leadership post is through the Operations Development Program, launched in 2010. Positions are available across all business functions, including at the headquarters in Gothenburg,… Read More »