Criteria of EHRs Selection

By | August 30, 2018

Anxiety of adopting an EHR makes things difficult for the health care specialists.

The electronic health record system is being the demand of health care industry from past some years. EHR system is being essential for medical practices day by day. On the other hand, it is important for the physicians to know if they are using perfect EHR software. Selecting the perfect EHR system is the first step towards the better and successful medical practices. Although this is very hard and critical decision to choose perfect EHR; it gives privileges to its users.

There are a number of considerations for the comparison of electronic health record software, which have found useful over the past some years.

  • This is essential to know if your vendor’s product will accomplish your key goals of practices. For selecting the perfect EHR system, you must provide the information about your work and patients so that they may modify their product demonstration.
  • Before choosing the perfect EHR software, you must clear your start-up prices which include; software and hardware maintenance, interfaces for pharmacies and labs, the cost for the connection to HIE and others.
  • To support implementation favors, including; schedule, amount, efficiency of communication and experience with the company and product.
  • It helps in clearing responsibilities, roles and data costs.
  • Quality to incorporate with other products like; medical billing, practice management, public health interfaces and others.
  • Capability of security, back-up and privacy.


Selecting perfect EHR software is not an easy job. You must be careful about the complete solution with EHR functionality and combined practice management. Your EHR must be ONC-ATCB or CCHIT certified to meet with the criteria of meaningful use. It must fulfill the standards and objectives of meaningful use.

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Basic Criteria of EHR

  • Before choosing EHR software you must know if EHR system is correct for you. You must get knowledge about it carefully because once you select EHR system you would not be able to switch it early.
  • Keep the budget in your mind before selecting an EHR system. Your decision must be according to the condition of your pocket.
  • Increase opportunities for success. This will help you to work properly and accordingly.
  • Your EHR, which you are supposed to select, must be HIPPA security and privacy compliant.
  • You must Support the digital certifications.

Demonstrations for EHR

  • First of all be careful either the EHR system meets with the high level requirements.
  • Point out the ways that EHR software will make your office more comfortable and efficient.
  • Be focused if the EHR system is according to your budget.

Discussion of Contract

  • Manage some milestone based payments.
  • Decide your start date, which works best for your practices.
  • Agreed with the project planning.
  • Your data must be readable.

Checking the Reference

  • Inquire for the reference that is according to your specialty. This will help you to take a decision.
  • Ask about the likes and dislikes about your system so you would be able to know the point of your patients.
  • Enquire reference about the problems to be solved.
  • Measure the vendor’s strategic and financial viability.

If you have decided for EHR system, you must take final decision of choosing an EHR system, you must be careful about;

Practice Goals

Before starting the practical implementation of EHR software, you must write your practice goals. You must know if your system would fulfill the demands of patients. You also know the future of your services. Make sure if this EHR suit your practices, otherwise all will become useless.

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Personal Goals

You must write down your personal goals. This service is just for you. You must know if this service is suitable for you. It is an important thing if you feel comfortable working with the EHR software you have selected.

Need from EHR

Some important things you need from your EHR software includes;

  • Ability to use independently.
  • Interactions with other EHR providers.
  • CCHIT certified.
  • Tracking of health maintenance.
  • Proper usage of specific technology.
  • Hosting and infrastructure.


This is necessary to determine your purchase and ongoing budget.  You must be careful about the Basic information. This is important for you if you choose EHR software according to your budget.

Disabling Obstacles

When you select a system, you may find any kind of technical issues in your office. But the actual challenge for you is to make your staff known about the software. It was perceived that the main obstacle to adopting EHR is basically financial. But the real obstacles are workflow, attitudes and organizations of care.

Become Familiar with the Technology

This is an important process to get known about the technology you are using or going to use. Generally, there is a common health record system. Being familiar with the technology helps you to contact your physician’s professionals which can benefit you in your research area.

Analysis of Workflow

If you are going to practice EHR system, you must have some goals to achieve in your mind. It is also essential to conduct the practice for the analysis of workflow. The following may be considered;

  • The capacity of the practice which includes a volume of visits.
  • The staff number.
  • Networks and current systems.
  • Usage of forms.
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Perform your analysis of workflow in your work timings. Pick out the problems and try to solve them. Your main goal is to notice the conduction of business process and to consider opportunities for improvements.

Matching the Practice Goals with Correct EHR Software

Expressing personal objectives before embarking on searching by product, then divide your goals into the following four different categories;


It includes patient’s documentations, facilitating with the workflow of office, reporting that favors care management, customization of templates and others.


It mostly includes the task which is supposed to be done fast. Such as;

Desire input method and computer literacy.


It includes the general information about the company. It’s not about to just buy the product or software, but it’s like forming a relationship with a company.


It includes the price, interfaces with the labs, interfaces with practice management system, internal resources to maintain the database and overall it supports the basic needs.

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